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ByPic is (not yet) open source but is free software; firmware on hex files are now available that does not need the ByPic boot loader to install. Quick start Guide.pdf

NEWS: scheduling added October 2015

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ByPic is optimized for speed and can run at up to 1,250,000 Lines per second for a simple for next loop, this compares to about 25,000 LPS for similar languages running on a 40Mhz processor.

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Quick Introduction

The language is  based on C and BASIC and has been purposely designed for embedded projects, projects that will control hardware. The language is simple and interactive like BASIC but compiled like C. It is extensible in that the user can create their own functions so there is no limitation imposed by the language.


(ADC) The following code will get the value on ADC channel 2


(INTERRUPTS) The following will print 'Hello World' when there is a change on pin 4 of PORTB

function hello()
   print "Hello World"

ir_setPin(?IrPORTB, "hello", 4) // set interrupt on RB4

(I/O) Flashes an LED connected to PORTA pin 0, 10 times

function flash10()
dim j
   io_pinMode(PORTA,0,OUT,WOFF) // set RA0 to output
   for j = 1 to 10
       io_write(PORTA,0,TOGGLE) // toggle pin
       wait(1000) // wait for 1 second